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24×7 Home Plumbing Services Surrey BC

Our friendly Langley plumbers have the skills, experience, and dedication to customer service to exceed your expectations with any job, large or small. Our head plumber has 28 years’ experience and our team is trained to the highest standards of our trade.

We are a fully licensed and fully certified company offering plumbing services Surrey, South Surrey plumbing and across the entire Lower Mainland. We are equipped with all the necessary tools, we will respond to your plumbing needs in a timely, considerate manner. With Langley Home Plumbing, you are always served by a highly trained and experienced plumber. We pride ourselves in offering high quality and exceptional service to all our clients at a reasonable price.

No job is too big or too small for us. Call us with the confidence that Langley Home Plumbing will quickly handle all your plumbing needs with the utmost care and skill. Our top priority is customer satisfaction and we understand how much your home or business means to you.

Best Plumbers in Surrey BC

We have been working hard to fulfill the plumbing system needs in and around South Surrey. Over these years, we have earned an upstanding reputation by going the extra mile for our clients, and their South Surrey Plumbing needs with our extraordinary customer service. Customer satisfaction comes first for us, so we don’t pull away from a job until and unless our customer’s requirements are fulfilled. As a result, we have become the most sought-after Plumbing Services Surrey.

With a well-trained professional staff and complete equipment, Langley Home Plumbing offers a wide range of Plumbing Services Surrey that include:

  • fixing leaky pipes.
  • sump pumps to fixing frozen pipes.
  • fixing toilets.
  • electric water heaters.
  • drain cleaning.
  • emergency plumbing service.

Hire Plumbing Expert in Surrey

Langley Home Plumbing is your go-to plumbing expert who will make sure to help you in the hour of need. Since a plumbing emergency can arise at any time – convenient or inconvenient – we make sure you don’t have to wait for Monday to get your problems resolved. We are one of the leading South Surrey Plumbing service providers.

Langley Hot Water Tank / Heater Repair & Installation

Hot Water Tank Repair Services in Surrey and Langley

Our outstanding hot water tank technicians are two of the top plumbers in Langley and Surrey, BC. They specialize in hot water tank repair but are even more noteworthy for their exceptionally reliable water heater installation.

Langley Hot Water Tank / Heater Installation

A hot water tank in good condition is essential to the well-being of the occupants of a home or business. It Is also an important investment so it is worth making sure the installation of a hot water tank in Langley is done right. Improper installation will damage the heater over time and limit the tank’s life considerably.
Often, before making the decision to get a new hot water tank, it is best to perform an inspection to determine if a hot water tank repair in Surrey would solve the problem.

There are, however, several sure signs that your hot water tank or heater is due to be replaced:

  • Visible water in or around the space your hot water tank indicates a leak.
  • Problems of the quality of water in your taps (rust or other visible sediments).
  • The water tank does not give the same temperature of hot water as before.

24×7 Hot Water Tank Repair Surrey and Langley

Whether you need the installation of a new hot water tank in Langley or a hot water tank repair in Surrey, Langley Home Plumbing is the company to call 24×7!

Drain Cleaning Services

Drain Cleaning Services in Langley and Surrey BC

We have the most skilled drain cleaning plumber Langley and Surrey, BC has to offer. He makes short work of clogged toilets, sinks, tubs, and showers with his years of experience and state of the art tools. If he can’t fix your problem, there is no charge.

Why Choose Langley Home Plumbing for Drain Cleaning in Surrey BC

Kitchen and bathroom drains can become clogged for a variety of reasons and choosing Langley Home Plumbing for Drain Cleaning in Surrey BC or Langley is simply the smartest decision you can make. The need for an experienced licensed Drain Cleaning Langley Plumber is never more apparent than when you find yourself facing a slow draining shower, a backed-up sink or a clogged toilet. You’ll enjoy peace of mind, knowing that once the clog has been located, whether in the toilet, shower or sink our plumbers have all the necessary tools to take care of your Drain Cleaning Langley needs.

Our Drain Cleaning Experts

Gary, the head plumber at Langley Home Plumbing company has over 28 years of experience around the Lower Mainland including drain cleaning in Surrey BC. Our customers have been able to rely on the expert drain cleaning plumbers that Langley Home Plumbing provides for all your residential plumbing needs.

Hire Us for Drain Cleaning in Langley or  Surrey BC

Give Langley Home Plumbing a call and we will provide quality drain cleaning services for residential property owners across the Lower Mainland.

Heating and Cooling Services

Langley Heating and Cooling Services

We’re here when you need us most! Our team of dedicated heating technicians is always ready to install, maintain or repair any make of furnace or boiler to keep your family warm.

Langley Air Conditioning Repair Services

HVAC Repair Langley

We have an outstanding team of HVAC repair technicians standing by to keep you cool this summer. We can quickly provide maintenance and AC repairs or install a brand new unit.

Upgrade Your Air Conditioner or Install a New AC

When you need to upgrade your air conditioner or install a new AC unit, we can ensure that you get a long-lasting system that is properly sized and installed for maximum efficiency and performance. Our top-rated AC technicians will work with you to make sure you have chosen an AC system sized and installed perfectly and flawlessly in your home ensuring longevity and top quality.

Your air conditioner can break down anytime, even at the most inconvenient of hours. This, however, is easy to fix with Langley Home Plumbing, since we offer 24-hour service of AC Repair Langley.

We are one of the leading AC Repair companies in Langley helping customers install new air conditioners and ensuring their current units are functioning efficiently through the summer.

Hire Us for AC Repair & Installation in Langley, BC

Give us a call and we’ll gladly give you a second opinion so you can see how the top AC Repair Langley company can provide deals with heavy air conditioner and heating unit issues.

Langley Gas Installation & Repair Service

Langley Gas Installation Experts

Thinking of adding a new appliance or an additional gas line to your home? Langley Home Plumbing is perfect for Gas Installation Langley! Your gas lines directly power your stove, your dryer, your water heater, and other major appliances as well. Our gas installation service professionals offer gas line repair & replacement services that are dependable, durable and highly rated! It is extremely important that gas lines comply with the city’s regulations while providing your appliances with a smooth, even flow of gas.

Certified Gas Installation technician in Langley, BC

Our head gas technician is fully licensed and has 28 years’ experience installing, maintaining and repairing hot water tanks, gas stoves, fireplaces, built-in gas barbecues, patio heaters, gas fire pits, and tables.

Our Clients Feedback

Our clients appreciate the professionalism of the trained experts who deliver quality results. Gas installations have a number of risks and dangers and must be done right. Thus we have a team of very well-trained and experienced experts who execute gas installation & repair Langley.

Hire Us Gas Installation & Repair for Residential Property

Give Langley Home Plumbing a call and we will provide quality gas installation & repair for residential property owners across the Lower Mainland.

Langley Furnace Repair and Installation Services

Langley Furnace Repair & Install Service Surrey, BC

Do you know that choosing the right furnace repair service in Langley for your home is important to ensure a warm and secure environment? As the basic purpose of a furnace is to aid your home’s central heating system, a furnace with issues would fail to do so. As a result, you won’t get the necessary warmth and comfy feeling inside your home with the harsh outside weather. Therefore, we provide fast and effective furnace repair Langley and furnace repair Surrey BC services to a residential and commercial level.

High Efficiency Furnace Repair Services in Langley

If your home is not offering you a cozy and warm ambiance, it means that there is something wrong with your furnace. Most of the time, we are unaware of the issues with the furnace and keep bearing the unlikely temperature inside the house. If you are stuck in such a situation, it’s time to get your furnace checked. There might be some issues that need quick fixes or repairs because these little issues become the major ones. It is important to keep in mind that having the furnace repair services in Langley on time can help in saving your cost. Otherwise, the more delay you make, the greater will be the damage and the higher will be the cost.

The certified Furnace Repair Team in Langley

To help you out in saving your cost and resources while enjoying a cosy interior, our furnace repair Langley is here. Not only the furnace repair Langley but we also specialize in furnace repair Langley, Surrey BC to fix your furnace issues. Our highly trained and certified team with years of excellence offer all types of furnace repairs in Langley, regardless of the type and any model.

Langley Emergency Furnace Services

Along with furnace repair Langley and furnace repair Surrey BC, we also deal with all types of furnace services along with repairs. Our furnace services are exactly on-point and highly-demanded due to being quality-oriented. Our certified team uses the latest techniques and tools to perform any type of furnace service to your place. Our fully equipped vans are always ready to rush to your place, whether it is a scheduled visit or an emergency. From performing furnace audits and quick fixing the issues to installing a new furnace, we do it all.

Monthly or Yearly Furnace Maintenance in Langley

Besides offering one-time furnace services to a number of customers, we also deal with monthly and yearly furnace maintenance in Langley. Our monthly furnace repair Langley maintenance services are high in demand due to quality, reliability, and effectiveness. Along with it, our yearly furnace repair Langley, Surrey BC maintenance services are also quick, efficient, and result-oriented. With us, you don’t have to worry about your furnace maintenance and check-ups. You only need to call us ones, and we will take full responsibility for its scheduled maintenance, either monthly or yearly.

Why choose Us for  Furnace Repair Langley and Surrey, BC?

Do you know why you must have our furnace repair Langley and furnace repair Surrey BC services? It is because of the following outstanding features and benefits that we offer to our customers.

  • Certified, insured, and trained team in Langley

The most impressive and adorable feature of our services is that every member of our team is an expert and certified professional in Langley. We believe that only hiring the best and trained professionals in our team would produce outstanding results. Therefore, whenever you would call us for furnace repair Surrey BC and Langley, you would be amazed by the performance of our team.

  • Quick and time-efficient services in Langley

Additionally, our furnace repair services in Langley are quick, efficient, and time-saving. We never get a single minute late from the scheduled time and date. Our team arrives exactly on time at the appointed date to perform the quick fixes without compromising on quality. In this way, we benefit you in saving your time while getting your furnace back in the desired performance.

  • Advanced tools and techniques

Our furnace repair Langley, Surrey BC and furnace repair Langley services involve the use of advanced tools and techniques. We don’t use the old traditional methods to repair the furnaces because they lack the aspect of quality and reliability. We only use the latest and advanced tools and techniques to assure the best results with the smooth performance of furnace in the long run.

  • Free cost estimation and price quotes in Langley

Before having our highly reliable furnace repair Langley, Surrey BC services, you can ask us for free cost estimations and price quotes. Our customer care agent and professional team would tell you the estimated cost before starting the service. We also offer free audits as well as evaluations for your residential or commercial furnaces in Langley.

  • 24/7 customer service in Langley

Last but not least, our customer care department is open for you round the clock. Now you can approach us any time to inquire further about our furnace repair services in Langley or to book your appointment.  So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and dial our number to enjoy the free furnace audit and the highly reliable furnace repair services in Langley.

Langley Boiler Repair and Installation Services

With years of excellence and quality, we offer highly reliable and efficient boiler repair, installation, and replacement services in Langley. Our boiler repair & installation services are the top-rated and very famous among people due to 100% results. With a single visit to your place, we strive our best to fix all your boiler issues in a timely and cost-efficient way. To do so, we have successfully developed a team of trained professionals who have a deep command and the highest knowledge of plumbing. Every member of our team knows how to perform boiler repair & installation services by focusing on quality and efficiency.

Our fully loaded and equipped vans with all types of tools and equipment would help in applying the quick fixes. It helps in saving your time to wander in the markets in search of the right tools for boiler repair. With our repair and installation services for your boiler, you won’t have to worry about anything. Our dedicated professionals would look into the details of everything and repair your boiler within the shortest possible time.  Let’s have a closer look at our main services.

Boiler repairs

Our exclusive Langley boiler repair services are equally effective for all types of boilers, regardless of their size, model, and condition. Whether you have just installed a new boiler or it is very old, we have the repair solutions for all of them. Whenever we have a scheduled visit for boiler repair Langley, our certified gas technician goes with the team. He assures that everything is done correctly, and there is no leakage from the boiler. Once our team is done with the boiler repairs, they would keep in touch with you to check if the boiler is performing well.

Boiler services

Along with checking the damages and performing the repairs, you can also rely on us for any other types of boiler services. To keep your boiler as a perfect source of heating for your residential needs, our services are quality-oriented and on-time. We also offer the emergency boiler repair Langley services if anyone ever is stuck in a difficult situation. No matter what the issue is, always feel free to approach us at our helpline number and get your boiler fixed.

Boiler installation and replacement

Along with making repairs to the already installed boilers, we also replace or install a new boiler if needed. If you are not sure whether you need a Langley boiler repair service or a new boiler installation, you can contact us for guidance and consultation. Our highly qualified and trained professionals would always give you a satisfactory response that you delight you. The best and the most admiring feature of our boiler repair and replacement services is that we offer free audits to our customers. So, if you are confused about what type of assistance your boiler need, call us and let us perform a free audit to decide what’s needed.

Another incredible feature of our boiler repair, installation and replacement services is that you can reschedule your appointment at any time. If you are not available at your home on the appointment date/time, let us know. We will reschedule our visit to your home to check your boiler. Additionally, we also provide emergency replacements for the boiler if something goes wrong with your existing boiler. So whatever the issue is, you can completely rely on our most reliable and result-proven boiler repair Langley services.

Call us today!

To avail of our boiler repair Langley services, call us today to talk to our customer care center agent. Our customer care center agents respond to your calls 24/7 to offer you an amazing customer experience. So, talk to our agent today to fix your boiler issues without any delay. Now here book your appointment.

Langley Garburator Installation and Repair

Very few people pay attention to their garbage disposals. But when it starts to produce strange smells and stranger noises, memories of all the times they threw food away start to come to mind. We are here to show you all you need to know about garburator repair and garburator installation in the Langley area.

Common Issues That Could be Jamming Your Garburator

The garburator can be a great way to get rid of food waste without needing to put it into the compost bin manually. However, depending on use you could find yourself in a situation where you turn on the garburator and it does not respond as it should be. Within our time as garburator repairmen in Langley, we have come across all sorts of issues requiring complex solutions or simple tips. Here are some of the most common issues we have faced:

The garburator is not coming on:

This is probably one of the most obvious challenges we have come across. A garburator that would not come on is most likely having an electrical issue. Most garburator’s have a power supply that is controlled by a normal switch somewhere in the kitchen which could be turned off accidentally. Ensure this is not the source of the problem and the garburator’s circuit breaker has not been tripped off as well. If neither of these solutions work, another way to go would be to have our technician review your unit. Your garburator may have reached the end of its journey and is in need of a replacement.

Your garburator is grinding and draining slowly:

At optimal capacity, your garburator should be grinding and draining just about anything you throw into it. As a matter of fact, it should be grinding all food matter within seconds. As soon as you notice your garbage disposal unit taking an unusually long time to process normal amounts of waste, it is often one of two things.

· The first culprit is often a set of dull blades. Like everything, your garburator’s grinding blades will get duller as time goes on and this is also brought on by a buildup of food debris which will cause them to stop working effectively.

· The second culprit is a clogged drain that is located just past the garburator.

With both culprits, the time it takes your garburator to grind waste and drain the water will increase drastically and the best way to prevent this from happening is to learn the types of food waste your garburator is specifically engineered for.

  • Grease & fats – Anything and everything ranging from bacon grease to butter should never be dumped down your drain, irrespective of your owning a garburator or not. These harmful substances will back up your pipes and cause severe plumbing issues in the future. They can also easily dull the grinding blades of your garburator unit and stop it from working as it should.
  • Stay away from stringy or starchy food waste – There is a list of fiber-rich foods that will do wonders for your diet, but the truth is they are terrible for your electronic garbage disposal system. These fibers are often long, durable and contain high starch content making it perfect for clogging and tangling up your garburator, causing it not to work properly
  • Bones – Although these might seem obvious, but many people still overlook them. Did you know that even the smallest chicken wing bone is not advised to go into your sink’s drain? The garburator is not built to grind up bones to the point where they could be drained properly. Instead, what it does is break it down into multiple sharp fragments that will cause issues down the line.
  • Fruit pits – Do not throw in fruit pits of any kind into the garburator for any reason what so ever. The system will not break it down properly and it will cause problems for you down the line.
  • Non-food waste – Your garburator was not built to handle any material that is not organic. You should avoid putting plastic bags, Styrofoam, wood or anything whatsoever that is not food waste.
  • Too much waste – Yes, your garburator is built to process food waste but too much of anything at a time is bad. Do not overestimate the capacity of your unit by overloading it with too much waste at the same time. You can partition the waste getting rid of a few things per time till you are completely done.

Garburator Installation Langley BC

Sometimes repairing your garburator is no longer an option. Our services also include installing new garbage disposal units that will have you back up and running in no time. Here are a few reasons why you need to change your garburator.

  • Repair is no longer an option:

Although you might not be able to know this by simply looking at your garburator, our team can conduct a comprehensive assessment of your system and let you know if it is still worth repairing. While evaluating, we look at rust, corrosion, replacement costs etc. Another way to know that you need a new garburator is by observing the frequency of repairs. If you are servicing your garburator regularly, you should begin to look out for a new system.

  • You have a leaky or overflowing device:

The garburator is a part of your plumbing system so it is prone to leaks. If these begin to happen often and you see water damage or signs of it, it is probably time for a new garburator.

  • Your system was made more than five years ago:

Although older models can be repaired, a general rule of thumb is to replace garburators as soon as they cross the five-year mark. Devices past this age are prone to more problems like rust, corrosion, crud/debris build up etc.