Langley Garburator Installation and Repair

Very few people pay attention to their garbage disposals. But when it starts to produce strange smells and stranger noises, memories of all the times they threw food away start to come to mind. We are here to show you all you need to know about garburator repair and garburator installation in the Langley area.

Common Issues That Could be Jamming Your Garburator

The garburator can be a great way to get rid of food waste without needing to put it into the compost bin manually. However, depending on the use you could find yourself in a situation where you turn on the garburator and it does not respond as it should. Within our time doing garburator repair in Langley, we have come across all sorts of issues requiring complex solutions or simple tips. Here are some of the most common issues we have faced:

The garburator is not coming on:

This is probably one of the most obvious challenges we have come across. A garburator that would not come on is most likely having an electrical issue. Most garburators have a power supply that is controlled by a normal switch somewhere in the kitchen which could be turned off accidentally. Ensure this is not the source of the problem and the garburator’s circuit breaker has not been tripped off as well. If neither of these solutions works, another way to go would be to have our technician review your unit. Your garburator may have reached the end of its journey and is in need of a replacement.

Your garburator is grinding and draining slowly:

At optimal capacity, your garburator should be grinding and draining just about anything you throw into it. As a matter of fact, it should be grinding all food matter within seconds. As soon as you notice your garbage disposal unit taking an unusually long time to process normal amounts of waste, it is often one of two things.

· The first culprit is often a set of dull blades. Like everything, your garburator’s grinding blades will get duller as time goes on and this is also brought on by a buildup of food debris which will cause them to stop working effectively.

· The second culprit is a clogged drain that is located just past the garburator.

With both culprits, the time it takes your garburator to grind waste and drain the water will increase drastically and the best way to prevent this from happening is to learn the types of food waste your garburator is specifically engineered for.

  • Grease & fats – Anything and everything ranging from bacon grease to butter should never be dumped down your drain, irrespective of whether you own a garburator or not. These harmful substances will back up your pipes and cause severe plumbing issues in the future. They can also easily dull the grinding blades of your garburator unit and stop it from working as it should.
  • Stay away from stringy or starchy food waste – There is a list of fibre-rich foods that will do wonders for your diet, but the truth is they are terrible for your electronic garbage disposal system. These fibres are often long, durable and contain high starch content making them perfect for clogging and tangling up your garburator, causing it not to work properly
  • Bones – Although these might seem obvious, many people still overlook them. Did you know that even the smallest chicken wing bone is not advised to go into your sink’s drain? The garburator is not built to grind up bones to the point where they could be drained properly. Instead, what it does is break it down into multiple sharp fragments that will cause issues down the line.
  • Fruit pits – Do not throw fruit pits of any kind into the garburator for any reason whatsoever. The system will not break it down properly and it will cause problems for you down the line.
  • Non-food waste – Your garburator was not built to handle any material that is not organic. You should avoid putting plastic bags, Styrofoam, wood or anything whatsoever that is not food waste.
  • Too much waste – Yes, your garburator is built to process food waste but too much of anything at a time is bad. Do not overestimate the capacity of your unit by overloading it with too much waste at the same time. You can partition the waste getting rid of a few things per time till you are completely done.

Garburator Installation Langley BC

Sometimes repairing your garburator is no longer an option. Our services also include installing new garbage disposal units that will have you back up and running in no time. Here are a few reasons why you need to change your garburator.

  • Repair is no longer an option:

Although you might not be able to know this by simply looking at your garburator, our team can conduct a comprehensive assessment of your system and let you know if it is still worth repairing. While evaluating, we look at rust, corrosion, replacement costs etc. Another way to know that you need a new garburator is by observing the frequency of repairs. If you are servicing your garburator regularly, you should begin to look out for a new system.

  • You have a leaky or overflowing device:

The garburator is a part of your plumbing system so it is prone to leaks. If these begin to happen often and you see water damage or signs of it, it is probably time for a new garburator.

  • Your system was made more than five years ago:

Although older models can be repaired, a general rule of thumb is to replace garburators as soon as they cross the five-year mark. Devices past this age are prone to more problems like rust, corrosion, crud/debris build-up etc.